Why Do I Need Sunny?

  • You need the best portable speaker on earth
  • You want one speaker for music, movies, and gaming
  • You love listening to music outside, or have never tried
  • Your ears demand clean, balanced audio that is true to the source
  • You're tired of cheap stuff that breaks or goes obsolete
  • You want to support a growing company that makes products with care in America
  • You already have a sound system but want something for other rooms or outside
  • You want to give an audiophile the best gift ever

What Makes Sunny the Best?

  • Sunny is louder and clearer than most car and home stereos, but runs on rechargable batteries
  • With enough sunlight, Sunny can play music nonstop, 24 hours a day, and charge your phone
  • Sunny is the only speaker with perfect 360° stereo sound, so everyone gets a front-row seat
  • Sunny is repairable, upgradable, and built to last a lifetime
  • Sunny is handmade with love

What Makes Sunny Sustainable?

  • We use renewable or recycled materials whenever possible
  • Our wood is sustainably and responsibly harvested from non-endangered species
  • Sunny's parts can be repaired or upgraded with future technologies
  • All electronics are ROHS compliant, so free of lead and other heavy metals
  • We finish Sunny's shells with natural dyes and oils instead of toxic, volatile chemicals
  • We power our company with renewable energy

Tech Specs


  • The Music Never Stops - unlimited battery life when exposed to daily sunshine
  • 38+ hour battery life with low-volume (without sunlight)
  • 24+ hour battery life with high-volume
  • Same lithium ion batteries used by Tesla Motors in their high performance electric vehicles
  • Full charge in one day of sunlight (7-9 hours) or 2-3 hours plugged in with included Quick Charger


  • The highest quality bluetooth audio - no crackle, hiss, whine, hum, or distortion of any kind
  • Perfect preservation of audio source - our Bluetooth is better than a wired connection.
  • Lose the lag - low latency between sound and video so you can enjoy movies with lips in sync
  • Simple setup - Bluetooth is universal and much simpler to set up than Apple AirPlay and Sonos
  • Go anywhere - no internet connection required!
  • Supported by all modern operating systems and all apps
  • Auxiliary input lets you plug in musical instruments, old iPods, or anything that doesn't have Bluetooth built-in

Solar Panel

  • Custom-designed Soular Panel charges the batteries with any direct sunlight, even through windows
  • Tempered glass construction is scratch-proof and strong. We have stood, sat, and danced on top of Sunny (although we don't recommend doing it at home).
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar cells deliver the highest energy efficiency available


  • 3 1/2 inch full-range speaker drivers produce a very realistic and live tone - like the band is playing right next to you
  • Patented NRSC paper speaker cones deliver the most natural, balanced audio of any cone material
  • Perfect reproduction of movies and games
  • Connecting people with the sound - double stereo + 360° Radial Sound enjoyment
  • Actual stereo separation - hear the sounds bounce around the room
  • Built to Last a Lifetime - high power handling completely prevents blowing your speakers
  • All speakers, including the subwoofer, have a protective waterproof coating


  • Down-firing so you can feel the sound going through you, right to your Soul
  • 6 1/2 inch subwoofer delivers accurate, articulate, punchy bass
  • Enjoy all your favorite genres - hear the difference from acoustic to electronic, blues to bluegrass
  • Low frequency response enhanced by drum-like hardwood speaker cabinet
  • Coated paper cone and shielded speaker motor for durability and longevity

Speaker Cabinet

  • Made in USA from layers of real wood, mixing Birch, Poplar, and Ribbon Cut Mahogany for great acoustics and natural beauty
  • Wood greatly outperforms aluminum, glass, MDF, and the worst (and worst for the environment), plastic
  • Feel good about your wood. Our wood suppliers practice sustainable harvesting methods and most (if not all) are FSC certified.
  • Sealed for synergy - all speakers, parts, and ports are sealed to the wood, enhancing sound and preventing water and moisture from getting inside


  • Extremely efficient class-D amplifiers allow long battery life and clear, high fidelity audio
  • 2 amps are used to increase power handling and bass response. One amp powers the full range speakers and another amp delivers bass to the subwoofer.
  • Highest quality electronic componants give Sunny a long product lifespan and the best clarity of sound


  • Stainless steel speaker grills protect speakers from absolutely anything and will never rust or wear
  • All hardware is secured with stainless steel lock nuts and washers to ensure no loosening of components over decades of use
  • Durable, natural rubber handles - push one flat to double as a bumper for one-handed lifting and carrying
  • Non-marking rubber feet for solid sound in any situation


  • Universal USB charger plugs into Sunny's Quick Charge Port to charge and power your phone, tablet, or other USB device
  • Quick Charger - included with every purchase of a Sunny. Just plug into Sunny's Quick Charge Port and any grounded (3-prong) electrical outlet to charge the batteries fast.